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Note: The Product Code displayed in the Program's registration dialog is unique to the computer system system being registered. The Serial Registration number that you will be provided with, will only work on the system being registered. In the event that you change computers, hardware configuration, etc. you will need to re-register the program by transferring your current registration to the new system.  To transfer the registration, you will need the original product code, the serial registration code and transaction ID #.   These 3 pieces of information will be provided to you at the end of this registration process and will also be emailed to the email address you provide.  Please, keep this information with the original CD-ROM disks for future re-installations.

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Notice: The Registration Services provided through this site will sunset March 1, 2020.
If you are an Undertow Software Publisher and wish to purchase a non-expiring tool that will allow you to generate unlimited Registration Codes,
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